The result of many years of research, the CA’ MEDICI BIO range has been formulated to the strictest standards of the COSMOS ORGANIC certification body, which establishes the requirements for organic and natural cosmetics and body care products.

CA’ MEDICI BIO BABY lends mums a helping hand with the everyday care of baby’s delicate skin, creating natural and organic formulas that fully respect COSMOS ORGANIC certification standards.

Innovation, research and quality. This is the guiding ethos behind OMEOVITA PHARMA range. And because every product has been Nickel Tested, they’re perfect even for more sensitive skins.


With twenty years’ experience in cosmetics, the Diamond International’s PHARMA division is part of the group, an innovative and well-established company in the field.

Research and innovation are the foundation of all our body care products and our Research & Development laboratories are constantly dedicated to creating formulas that only use raw materials and active ingredients that are safe for the skin and respect the environment we live in.

In fact, one of our key strengths is the know-how we’ve acquired in formulating products using natural, organic and eco-sustainable ingredients. This is also the reason why we collaborate with certification bodies on a national and international scale.

Every ingredient used undergoes strict quality controls, from grading the purity and organoleptic properties, right the way to the final tests on the finished product.

Our primary objective is to become a reference point in the pharmacy, parapharmacy and herbalism sector.

Diamond Pharma supports Loto, a not-for-profit association, which promotes vital research on ovarian cancer.

The primary objective of the association is to fill the information void and raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

When you purchase this product, you’re helping us donate a year of research to help in the fight against ovarian cancer.